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Mobility scooters

Mobility scooters overview

Are you thinking about choosing, financing, buying or using a mobility scooter?
Rica has published a wide range of information about mobility scooters, including what to look for when buying one, a specialised online search, and guidelines for taking your scooter on public transport.

Choosing a mobility scooter

What you need to think about when looking for a scooter:

Mobility scooter search

Find the best mobility scooter for you or choose a factsheet by manufacturer or model:

Taking your scooter on public transport

Rights and regulations for travelling with a scooter on:

Your legal rights to accessible transport

Rica research reports

Rica carries out commissioned research into aspects of mobility scooter use by older and disabled people. Two of the reports aim to guide future policy on transport accessibility and safety.

Read or download our research reports:

Mobility scooters: a market study, 2014

Reports on mobility scooter market trends, who uses mobility scooters, and class 3 (road) mobility scooters.

Usability of mobility scooters controls, 2013

This research asks how easy mobility scooter controls are for people to understand and use.

Scooters on public transport, 2013

Recommends ways to make access to public transport easier and safer for mobility scooter users.

Car boot hoists

A research project into how easy car boot hoists are for mobility scooter owners to use. Our test results can help you choose a hoist for your car boot.

Personal experiences to read:

Last updated: December 2015

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