Our approach

We always start from disabled and older consumers' perspectives.

By working with disabled and older people, listening to needs, and reflecting real lives in your products and services, you can make sure nobody is excluded. It is not just the right thing to do, it makes good business sense.

This is about 13.9 million disabled consumers, their friends, family and carers, and an increasingly ageing population.

By using disabled peoples' insights as your starting point you can improve products and services for everyone.  

Inclusivity is an increasingly important business driver. Our aim is to help you make life better for your disabled and older customers  

Our pan-disability consumer panel of over 1,600 disabled and older people are the experts on the ground and are core to all of our work. Working with us can help bring about change which not only shifts attitudes but also changes fundamental consumer behaviours. 

  • Better consumer loyalty and brand awareness 
  • Greater market differentiation 
  • Expansion into new areas 

UK spending power of disabled people, their carers, and families was £249 billion in 2017. Just like non-disabled people, disabled people want to spend money on products they want and work for them, the services they need and the brands they like.  Barriers preventing disabled people from getting a part of the action is a failure that is costing UK business £420 million a week.  

We don't just help you tick a box

We are here to help you gain awareness of the strengths and weaknesses across your customer journey for disabled and older consumers. The ultimate aim is provide a service or product that is inclusive and accessible to all customers.  

  1. Do you know how accessible your products or services are for disabled and older customers? 
  2. Do you know if you are performing better than your competitors in meeting the needs of these customers?
  3. Do you know what aspects of your business disabled and older customers find particularly challenging

If you answer NO to one or more of these questions, give us a call or email us.

This is not a niche, or nice to have - it makes good business sense.

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