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8 Apr 2020

COVID-19 treatment - what about us?

Are you concerned as a disabled or older person how you would be treated if you contracted the COVID-19 virus?

Important UK government advice

NHS advice for everyone 

Government advice about coronavirus

Coronavirus information in other languages

Doctors of the World - NHS coronavirus guidelines in 43 languages

Useful phone numbers

Scope helpline - support or advice for disabled people

Older People - Silverline 24 hr freephone advice: 0800 470 8090

Getting help

Register yourself or someone else on GOV.UK

If you need help to get care or essential supplies like food – register online

You don’t need to have been contacted by the NHS.

Finding help and support nearby

Covid Mutual Aid UK are a network of independent community groups supporting vulnerable people. 

Find Your Local Mutual Aid Group

If you feel vulnerable or not sure about things

Staying home - guidance on shielding and protection if you’re vulnerable 

Vulnerable means for example, if you have severe asthma or cancer. 

‘Shielding’ means:

  • avoiding face to face contact with other people
  • staying at home for 12 weeks  

If you think you’re vulnerable and the NHS hasn’t contacted you, contact your GP or Doctor. 

An easy read guide to Coronavirus

Public health England Easy read guide to Coronavirus

Coronavirus videos in BSL

BSL video from Sign Health

Supporting disabled people through the coronavirus outbreak

The Disability Unit at the Cabinet Office statement about Coronavirus and disabled people 

Getting cash if you're self isolating

The Post Office has launched a scheme to help self-isolating people or vulnerable people access cash with the help of a family member, support worker or carer. Under the Fast PACE system, contact your bank and check they can use the service. Then you can write a cheque to "The Post Office", print the name on the back of the cheque of the person collecting it for you and sign that side too.

Read more about the Fast PACE system

Coronavirus guidance from other charities

Disability RIghts UK cover: benefits, housing, shopping, legal rights and social care

Scope: talk to or text someone - use Scope's helpline 

MENCAP: Easy read guide about Coronavirus and a video on hand-washing 

Carers UK: Coronavirus guidance 

Asthma UK: Coronavirus: Health advice for people with asthma 

Cancer Research UK: Coronavirus and cancer 

MacMillan: Coronavirus and cancer

Stroke Association - support for people after stroke

Headway - life after brain injury

Campaign to End Loneliness: Coronavirus and social isolation 

Age UK: Coronavirus information 

Disability Rights UK has underlined the principle that: the NHS is for all of us and that judgements about our lives should in no way influence the treatment we are entitled to receive.

NHS response about COVID-19 and the rights of disabled people

Fury over Do Not Resuscitate Notices

Sign the statement - COVID-19 and the rights of disabled people

The Lancet - COVID-19 response must be disability inclusive

Dealing with anxiety, mental health and difficulties 

Anxiety UK online and phone support 

NHS - every mind matters - staying at home tips

Mind - you and your wellbeing

The Samaritans - call 116 123 for free

Whatever you're going through, a Samaritan will face it with you - available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Cruse Bereavement Care - helping with grief

Rehab4Addiction - guide for better mental health during COVID-19

For blind or partially sighted people

The Sight Advice website - information from RNIB, Guide Dogs and Vision UK

For carers of someone living with dementia 

Alzheimer’s Society offer a telephone support line – Dementia Connect Support Line on 0333 150 3456.

Dementia Talking Point online forum

Coping - be calm, stay wise, be kind

Action for Happiness have a coping calendar for April

For Deaf and hard of hearing people

Action on Hearing Loss

Deaf Plus

The Limping Chicken - the world's most popular deaf blog 

For autistic people and their families

The National Autistic Society

Online discussion forum for autistic people and their family/network

For autistic children and young people, their parents and carers:

Ambitious about Autism 

Local support groups  - the National Autistic Society services directory

For people with Aspergers, partners and families

Resources for and partners of people with Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) 

Care support and benefits advice

Disability Rights UK (DRUK) - national disabled people's organisation

For more information about other questions such as:

  • Paying your bills
  • Going to work
  • the 'Coronavirus Job Retention scheme'
  • Taking your children to school if you’re a ‘critical worker’.
  • Taking your children to school if they’ve an Education, Health and Care Plan
  • Benefits you can claim
  • Getting an ‘isolation note’ online to prove to your employer you need to stay off work 
  • If you can’t pay your rent.

Check out Citizen's Advice web information

Online forums of and for disabled people - benefits, motoring, health, travel and more

Euan's Guide online forum

The Invictus Games Choir Video

Bon Jovi - Unbroken 

Skills improvement ... ...

Here are some ideas if you're in the skills improvement space:

Open University Courses

Future learn - Boredom-busting courses

Online music classes - have to register

Free eBooks from Gutenburgers 

Free language lessons from open kultura

TV classic comedy

The Good Life (every episode, each divided into three parts)

The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin - Season 1

Another Audience With Ken Dodd

George and Mildred

Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em

Free films

Public Domain Movies – Free movies online. Classic Hollywood and British films, including some real treats like 12 Angry Men, The Lodger, Day of the Triffids, Sherlock Holmes (Basil Rathbone) - it's totally free and the quality's really good. You can sort by genre and also by popularity and rating to find your favourites quickly!

Public Domain Movies

Online interest - virtual tourism

Museum's virtual tourism

5 national parks offer virtual tours

Virtual tours of Europe’s palaces

The J. Paul Getty Museum

The Natural History Museum

Guggenheim Bilbao Museum

The Rijksmuseum, Hamsterdam

Virtual Park Visits

Central Park, New York

The Royal Parks

The Rocky Mountain National Park

.... Stop Press....

Important research you can help with 

Report Symptoms - with COVID-19 Symptom Tracker

COVID-19 Symptom Tracker is an app from researchers at Guy’s & St Thomas’ & King’s College aims to help slow the spread of #COVID19 and identify at risk cases sooner.

  • You can help by self-reporting your symptoms daily, even if you feel well 🙏🏼.
  • Share the app and share your “well/ill” status
  • Your data can make all the difference for the policy makers to get early warnings of upcoming "hot spot" areas.
  • It all helps. Thank you so very.

And finally, for goodness sake, beware of online scams 

If something seems dodgy it probably is! - check if it's a scam 

Thank you for reading so far down this webpage

Stay safe and we wish you well.