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Disabled people are the new VIPs

Gary McFarlane's picture
By: Gary McFarlane
I am very excited. 2014 will be the tipping point in enabling technology for disabled people. The days of dependence for people like myself who need a bit of help - sometimes - are finally ending.
  • The days of pushing that button marked 'help' and waiting, and waiting ... and then waiting a bit more ... for staff to turn up, will seem like a dreary, negative and quaint footnote in history.
  • Being trapped in your wheelchair or mobility scooter on the train will no longer happen.
  • Booking 24 or 48 hours ahead for travel assistance will begin to look as bizarre as asking people with blue eyes to do the same.

When was it exactly that disabled people announced we did not want to lead spontaneous lives?

Disabled people are becoming VIPs or very important people. We are now customers worthy of proper treatment by new enlightened service providers.
Well not quite... Life is never so simple... It won’t happen overnight.
But the tipping point is coming. It is only a matter of time.


Smartphone Apps – available online – can now tell service providers my needs at click of button, a verbal command or a tap of a screen.

Assist-Mi is the first app of its kind to hit the market. Free to disabled people, it can be stand-alone or integrated into service provider’s own apps to give the user the reassurance that seamless, low-key assistance will be available to suit their profiled requirements. Which means you enter your needs once.

The app will also be marketed with other people in need of 'special' service – VIPs at airports – cyclists booking train space – supermarket assistance.

Apps already provide help with:

Which service provider will be the enlightened first to turn:

  • dependence into independence?
  • 'special needs' from an 'afterthought' to the benchmark of their service?
  • disabled people into very important people?

I will let you know later this year.

Gary MacFarlane, Assist-Mi