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What's a fair price to service your mobility scooter?

As disabled and elderly users of mobility scooters, we need to band together and insist that companies who claim to have our best interests at heart don’t rip us off. From what I can work out, a fair price for mobility scooter servicing is between £60 and £90, and that includes the cost of travel and basic reparations.

I once blogged for Rica about how I researched buying my mobility scooter online, eventually purchasing a Pro Rider Road King vehicle. So far so good as the scooter has, for the last 15 months, provided both reliability and durability. It’s been a great buy.

There’s a caveat in my insurance policy, however, which stipulates:

"that should my scooter breakdown after the manufacturer’s warranty ends (which it has), the vehicle is only covered as long it “is serviced every 12 months by an approved dealer/ repairer.”

Being a responsible citizen, I immediately set about calling up local mobility scooter shops to get quotes. This is where I came across a consumer’s chasm that can only be described as deeply unfair to disabled and elderly mobility scooter users.

There was no consistency in pricing:

  • the first company I rang— a BHTA member — threw me a £120 quote.
  • another place, that I'd visited last year and quoted me more than double the price for a model-equivalent of my scooter than I actually paid online (!) said they’d do it for £70 but they said that any sundry minor repairs will be extra.

In the end I went back to Pro Rider who did the job for a flat fee of £90. This included:

  • the cost of their engineer traveling from Northampton to my abode in Bradford
  • and small repairs.

There is also the issue of insurers’ insisting that our scooters are serviced annually when, as my engineer said, anything from 12 to 18 months suffices, though I’m sure professional actuaries will beg to differ.

Ultimately, this is an area that needs concerted investigation and more of us should share our experiences of getting our mobility scooters serviced. If we come together then we will be more informed and eager to highlight those firms not being entirely fair to us.