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Join our consumer research panel

The Research Institute for Disabled Consumers is a leading UK expert in user-centred research involving disabled and older consumers. We’re an independent charity with over 50 years’ experience of specialist research.

Join our consumer research panel - prize draw

To support our person-centred research, members of our consumer research panel are vital. So if you're a disabled or older person living in the UK, then use your knowledge and experience to help us with our research!

Now, with about 950 members throughout the UK, we're still really keen to recruit more people. We're hoping to reach 1,000 panel members soon, with your help and there are shopping voucher prizes on offer!

Prize draw for 1,000th member

  • The 1,000th member to join the panel will receive a prize of shopping vouchers worth £150
  • There'll be random prize extra of £50 for a lucky person who signs up during this promotion as well.

So if you're already a panel member, get a friend to join and share the dosh (if they're a generous friend!)

You can sign up to our consumer research panel online at: http://bit.ly/RiDCjoinhere

In the video below, our panel members share their experiences:

Go to our YouTube channel

For too long in the UK there’s been disjointed planning in the design of products and services and a failure to appreciate people’s needs for them to be really accessible and inclusive.

With members of our panel, disabled and older people who have the experience and knowledge, at RiDC we're determined to improve things.

As a valued panel member, you may be asked to take part in:

Blog post: Don't let your disability stop you being a mystery shopper

What happens when I've joined?

  • We'll offer you research to do only when it becomes available in your area and if it is appropriate to you.
  • You can tell us if you can or want to do the research or not.
  • Generally, we cover your time and expenses - and, because each research project is based on you and your experience, it's usually pretty interesting!

How to join

Join online (opens in new window)

The registration form:

  • is at a secure external website
  • is a two-stage process - stage 1 takes less than seven minutes to complete
  • we send you a link to complete stage 2 later, which can take about 33 minutes to complete
  • asks you for detailed personal answers so we can match you to the right kind of research
  • is strictly confidential

We don’t share your information with anyone outside our charity.

View our data protection statement

Join us over the phone

If online is not for you, then you can join up over the phone - give RiDC a ring on 020 7427 2460.
We'll be happy to phone you back at a convenient time and sign you up.

In May 2015, we asked our members about good and bad products and/or services.
We wanted to know about any tips to pass on to others as well as ideas for future research. 
Read what our members told us.

Read our latest newsletter - May 2019

Last updated: May 2019

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