British Gas UX Design Team: Website Accessibility Testing

23 Feb 2021

British Gas logoIn this case study Sam Beaton, Senior UX Designer & DesignOps at British Gas explains the research aims, what was involved and how it has helped the business. 

What were the main issues you came to RiDC with? 

  • To provide user testing involving people with specific accessibility needs, and those who use assistive technology to support the business’ aim to improve website accessibility and usability.
  • The research also aimed to use remote screen sharing and video recording techniques to provide greater awareness and learning around web accessibility for both the design team and wider British Gas staff.

What did RiDC provide you with?

RiDC worked with the British Gas Design Team (UX) to design and support testing sessions of the British Gas website involving members of the RiDC Consumer Panel. Testing sessions took place both at Centrica's UX testing centre in Staines and in participants’ own homes. The work has focused on users with a visual impairment and those with dexterity difficulties to date, but is ongoing.

How has the research changed the service / product / issue you were investigating? How was it helpful?

The research has helped the design team to identify, understand and fix a number of specific web design and technical accessibility issues.

Of particular value also has been the research techniques and approach used for the home testing sessions and sharing learnings. The design team (UX) as well as wider British Gas and Centrica staff and managers, have been able to watch live video streaming of users undertaking specific web navigation tasks, ask questions and get real-time feedback from the user. This has helped the business to learn more about web accessibility and the needs and experiences of disabled customers in an engaging way.

“We could have just got RiDC to put a report together for us. And you can read that, but this has been far more powerful…….actually being in the room witnessing issues where people are struggling to complete something, or find something on the website…..”

Sam Beaton, Senior UX Designer & DesignOps British Gas.

What was your main reason for choosing RiDC?

RiDC’s specialism in user centred usability and accessibility research, ready access to disabled participants through their Consumer Panel, and their reasonable cost.

Would you choose RiDC again?

Yes, we hope to continue with further remote user testing of the website in the new budget year.