COVID: Postcards from Lockdown London

The COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to many heroes.

Those caring for the sick and stocking up our supermarkets have been operating in plain sight and celebrated widely. With this study, we shine some light on a group that has been more hidden, but nevertheless has also had to be especially resilient.

The pandemic has been an amplifier in a city and a society in which disability is already hidden. Changes to our ‘normal’ has temporarily made disability more visible in all it’s invisibility.

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We have grouped the 'postcards' into four main themes. By clicking on the theme it will open up the postcards that illustrate how re-thinking our new normal can be an opportunity to realise a more inclusive society in which people with disabilities are part of conversations as they happen and not after the fact.

Under each theme, inspired by the stories we collected for this research, we have set out a number of questions. We hope these questions act as a call to action to make sure we learn lessons from this lockdown.