Mystery shopping

Picture of a man and woman sitting in yellow chairs conversing in British Sign Language
10 Oct 2020

All of our mystery shopping is carried out by disabled and older consumers

We have over 15 years' experience of carrying out mystery shopping to investigate service quality, sales practices and accessibility for disabled and older people. 

Our mystery shopping service allows you to closely monitor your people's performance and the quality of service they provide disabled and older customers; it teaches your employees why it's important to be mindful of every customer's needs and ensures your products and services are accessible and inclusive fro everyone. 

We currently run an annual programme of over 250 mystery shopping inspections for clients. We take a great deal of care in designing every aspect of the mystery shopping programme with you so that it meets your needs and gives the most accurate and objective assessment of your performance.

Shoppers are selected from our consumer panel of over 1,600 people from all age groups and who have a range of disabilities. We take a great deal of care to ensure we get the right panel member for the mystery shopping assignment.

I enjoy trying new things and testing services through mystery shopping

RiDC Consumer Panel member

We take a great deal of care to ensure we get the right panel member for the mystery shopping assignment and as a bare minimum our mystery shoppers:

  • are briefed to observe and collect information and to record it accurately.
  • are available UK-wide
  • can visit local shops, make enquiries by phone or take home visits from salespeople
  • are disabled and older consumers
  • can be credibly matched to specialist services that they visit in ‘real life’
  • are specially recruited, trained and briefed for individual research projects

For every mystery shop, the shopper is given a briefing and an evaluation questionnaire. Both are carefully tailored to the project and client.

Much of our mystery shopping research is confidential and we can provide near real-time assessments of what our mystery shoppers are uncovering.