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Trailers and bags to transport a wheelchair

Besides ramps, hoists and lifts, the other ways you can carry a wheelchair in a car are by using:

  • a trailer
  • a bag or boot slider which helps you lift a wheelchair into the boot of a car


Trailers let you carry a wheelchair without dismantling or folding it, while keeping the boot free.

Trailers can easily carry large items including mobility scooters. A full car driving licence will let you tow one if the weight of the trailer and its load is under 750kg. However, they will make reversing and parking difficult.

In both cases, you may need a lighting board and number plate if the one fitted to your vehicle is obscured.


Woman using a Biston Wheelchair Bag to lift a wheelchair into a car bootBiston Wheelchair Bag

The Biston Wheelchair Bag:

  • is a large canvas bag that can accommodate most folded manual wheelchairs
  • is designed to allow you to tip the wheelchair into the boot, so you don't have to carry its whole weight at any point
  • protects your car against damage
  • costs £99 from Biston and selected suppliers


Wheelchair Boot Slider

The Wheelchair Boot Slider is designed to make is easier for people to slide a wheelchair into the boot of a car and has been developed in Australia and is not available in the UK. For more information, contact Pelican Manufacturing in Australia.

Last updated: December 2015

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