Cookers, ovens and hobs

1 Sep 2015

Choosing the right cooking appliance for your needs can be fraught with difficulty for anyone and especially so if you are blind or partially sighted.

The range and scope of appliances on sale is diverse and often confusing. Among many other things, you will need to decide: what type of fuel to use (gas or electric); whether you want a separate hob and oven or a free standing cooker; and if a combined microwave and oven will be the right choice for you. Taking time to think about your current and future needs in the kitchen will not be time wasted.

Our Cookers, ovens and hobs guide will help you translate your needs and home situation into features to look out for when buying a cooker, microwave, hob or oven. In this guide we help you identify those features and give examples of them. We also give advice on how to approach retailers to ensure that you have the best chance of making an informed purchasing choice.

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Please note this report is from 2015. The general information is still relevant, but check current product information.