Danfoss TPOne Programmable Room Thermostat

Programmable room thermostat
Mobile controls
Hands-free controls
Visual features
Audio Output
Tactile features
Dexterity features

What is it? The TPOne is Danfoss' newest programmable thermostat for single and multi-family homes 

Category: Programmable thermostat

Money-Saving features: 

  • 7-day programming
  • Boost function
  • Weather compensation
  • Load compensation
  • Frost protection

1. Visual features

  • It has a large screen which has a bright light-blue backlight when not in standby-mode
  • Simple visual icons are used to indicate the thermostat functions and provide some visual verification
  • Visual icons are used to label the touch-sensitive buttons 

2. Audio output

  • All the buttons beep when pressed, however there is no differentiation in tones

3. Dexterity features

  • The user interface is touch-sensitive rather than touchscreen  

Is there anything I should watch out for?

  • Although the buttons are touch-sensitive the buttons on the device we tested did not always respond first-time making it hard to change the settings manually
  • The screen is quite reflective making it difficult to read in bright light
  • The menus and navigation are complex and not very intuitive making programming features difficult to use
  • When in stand-by mode the screen is not backlit and the colour contrast is poor making it difficult to read information on the screen

Who might want to buy it?

We think the TPOne would be great for people for want a very visual programmable thermostat and aren’t afraid of complex menu systems. 

Our consumer panel told us…

  • The touch-sensitive screen makes this device less accessible for many visually impaired people 
  • The unreliability of the touch-sensitive user interface makes it less accessible for people with dexterity impairments
  • The complexity of this device made it less accessible for me with cognitive impairments

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