Glow-worm Climapro 2 RF Control

Programmable Thermostat
Mobile controls (in home only)
Hands-free controls
Visual features
Audio output
Tactile features
Dexterity features

What is it?  The Climapro 2 is a portable, wireless programmable room thermostat from Glow-worm: its handheld remote-control design works anywhere in the home and allows you to programme weekday and weekend heating and hot water schedules.  

Category: Programmable room thermostat

Money-saving features:

  • Mobile control (WIFI in home control only)
  • 5-2 day-programming
  • Boost function
  • Weather compensation
  • Load compensation
  • Frost protection

Ease-of-use features:

1. Mobile controls

  • The Climapro 2 is a wireless, handheld device meaning it is portable within the home.  

2. Visual features

  • The Climapro has a medium-large digital screen with a bright blue backlight
  • The colour contrast is poor black-grey text on a light blue background
  • When viewed straight-on the on-screen text is clear, but other viewing angels are less good.
  • The menu settings contain on-screen prompts
  • All of the buttons are labelled with words or symbols

3. Tactile features

  • The Climapro 2 has three menu buttons and a large up/down buttons all of which have a faint audible/tactile clicks when pressed

4. Dexterity features

  • All of the Climpro 2’s buttons are easy to press and responsive.

5. Simplicity

  • The Climapro 2’s basic functions are relatively simple to use but setting up advanced features is less intuitive 
  • The on-screen menu prompts and labelled buttons help when programming the device
  • The instruction manual contains text and visual instructions

Is there anything I should watch out for?

  • There are no audio features on the Climapro 2
  • The Climapro 2 is quite heavy to hold, but it can also be wall-mounted if required

Who might want to buy it?

We think the Climapro 2 RF would suit someone who would like to be able control their heating and hot water from anywhere in their home, but doesn’t want to use a smart heating control

Our panel told us

  • the remote-control design could make it more accessible for people with mobility impairments
  • the weight of the remote-control could make it less accessible for people with dexterity impairments 
  • the lack of audio verification features made it less accessible for people less visual impairments
  • the labelled buttons and on-screen prompt made it more accessible for people with cognitive impairments 

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