Honeywell Evohome HR92UK Radiator Controller

Manual TRV with smart features
Mobile controls
Hands-free controls
Visual features
Audio output
Tactile features
Dexterity features

What is it? This digital, smart radiator controlled thermostat from Honeywell allows you to control the temperature of radiator via an app on your phone or on the device itself.  

Category: Radiator controlled thermostat (smart) 

Money-saving features to look out for:  

  • Smart controls (when used with an app or smart speaker) 
  • Seven-day programming 
  • Frost protection

It has the following ease-of-use features: 

1. Mobile controls

  • This smart TRV works with Honeywell's Total Connect Comfort App enabling you to control the device via your phone at home or on-the-go.

2. Hands-free features

  • Basic features controlled with voice control when paired with a smart-speaker or virtual assistant e.g. Amazon's Alexa

3. Visual features

  • The device has a blue backlit display
  • The display's colour contrast is black text on light-blue/grey background
  • The display screen can be tilted upwards to make it easier to read from standing

4. Audio output

  • The device itself doesn't have any audio output 
  • When the device is used with the app or a smart speaker audio output and verification is available for basic features
  • When the app tested with Apple's Voiceover screen reader most buttons were well labelled and most elements read over well 

5. Tactile features

  • The device itself is controlled via a dial interface, although the dial doesn't have any tactile points of reference and will spin continuously through 360°.  

6. Dexterity features

  • The dial turns easily with little resistance
  • The dial is smooth and lacks a textured gripping surface

7. Simplicity 

  • The device itself is simple to use and works well without using smart features
  • Pairing the device with an app or smart speaker would require reference to the instruction and familiarity with other smart products e.g. a smart phone

Is there anything I should watch out for? 

  • In bright day-light the device's screen has poor colour contrast, is highly reflective and has low screen brightness making it difficult to read.

Who might what to buy it? 

We think that this product would be great for people who want a TRV with a simple and familiar design user interface and that can also be used as a smart control if required. 

Our panel members told us:  

  • The simple design made this product more accessible for people with cognitive impairments
  • The easy to turn dial and optional app control made it more accessible for people with mobility and dexterity impairments
  • When paired with a smart speaker this product was more accessible people with visual impairments

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