Advice on assistive technologies and energy use

RiDC led a thirty-day research project, measuring the energy consumption of assistive technology. This field work was followed by focus groups, allowing participants to reflect on their experiences. From this, we have compiled consumer guidance relating to the accessibility of energy monitoring devices.

We have highlighted:

  • General information on finding, choosing and using an energy monitor in the home to measure energy consumption.
  • Specific information on the accessibility of energy monitoring in the home, based on our thirty-day research project.

As part of our study, we helped panel members to use energy monitors to track their energy usage. Many of the panel members found tracking their energy usage helpful. RiDC gathered feedback on important factors to consider when choosing an energy monitor.

In this short guide, we share what we and the panel members learned. We hope this helps you decide if you’d like to track your energy usage and how to go about it.

Read the consumer guidance.