Financial help paying for a stairlift

 Your local authority or council

Some councils provide stairlifts if their assessment shows that you need one. They may provide them without charge, or you may be asked to pay towards the cost.  

Some local authorities may be able to give you a low-cost loan or even a grant towards the cost of installing a lift.

Policies vary, and there may be waiting lists for some services.  

Disabled Facilities Grant 

You may be eligible for a Disabled Facilities Grant. You have to show you need a stairlift and that installing it would be reasonable and practical. An occupational therapist from your local council will talk to you and look at your home, then make a recommendation. You'll have to provide details of your financial circumstances - the amount paid to you will be based on this. 

If the lift is needed for a disabled child aged under 19, the amount paid will not depend on your financial circumstances. 

There's a different system in Scotland. Councils in Scotland are required to give a grant for the installation of any additional amenities you need. You have to contribute to the cost - what you have to pay will depend on your financial circumstances. For more information, contact your local social work department. 

Home improvement agencies (HIAs)

A home improvement agency is sometimes called 'Care and Repair' or 'Staying Put'.

HIA's are independent agencies that can give you advice, help you obtain local support services and provide practical help. 

Foundations, is the national body where you can find your local HIA.

Finding grants and charities to help with buying a stairlift

Disability Grants