How much will a stairlift cost?

How much a stairlift will cost can vary

It depends on where in the UK you live, which firm you use, and what sort of stairlift you need. 

In 2017, RiDC asked three firms to quote for installing a stairlift in each of three houses. The quotes varied from house to house and from company to company. We carried out this research for Age UK. 

Sample stairlift prices quoted in 2017 (by place and firm): [do we have more up to date figure] [IS THIS A TABLE?] 

Firm 1 

Kent (curved) £4,450 £4,990 £5,400 

Firm 2

Shropshire (straight) £2,050£3,090£2,700 

Firm 3

Liverpool (straight)£2,700£3,180£2,190 

Stairlift costs checklist 

  • Ask how payments are scheduled.  

  • Don't pay the last instalment until after the lift is installed and you're happy with it.  

  • Ask for details and quotes for servicing costs. 

Thinking renting a stairlift? 
You usually have to pay an installation fee and a weekly or monthly rental fee. The cost of removal is usually included, but check this with the supplier. 

Of the major national manufacturers and suppliers in 2019: [update this info] 

Dolphin[LINK] charges £700 to rent a straight stairlift for one year. This up-front fee includes installation, future removal charges, 12 months' rental fees, and servicing and breakdown cover. There is a £50 per month fee to rent the stairlift for longer than a year. They do not rent curved lifts. 

Stannah[LINK] rents straight and curved stairlifts. You pay an up-front fee which includes administration, installation and future removal charges, and then a monthly fee for the duration of your rental (costs vary). Servicing and breakdown cover are all included. 

Thinking about reconditioned stairlifts? 

Some firms have a price-matching scheme and will match their competitor's prices for similar products. Ask about this when you talk to them.[IS THIS JUST FOR RECONDITIONED STAIRLIFTS, OR ALL OF THEM?] 

Many firms sell reconditioned second-hand stairlifts. These are considerably cheaper than buying new and come with a year's guarantee and sometimes a free service. 

The law says that all products must be fit for their purpose[LINK TO CONSUMER RIGHTS], so you can expect a second-hand lift supplied by a manufacturer to be in good working order.  

It's best to buy reconditioned lifts from manufacturers or a well-established retailer. 

Ask for: 

  • an assurance that the lift has been tested 

  • a full service history 

  • a guarantee 

Think carefully about accepting a 'special offer' – it may be a sign of pressure selling. See our consumer tips 

Running costs of a stairlift 

Stairlifts don't cost much to run in terms of electricity.  

One manufacturer calculates that the annual cost would be around £5 in electricity charges, based on seven return trips a day. 

Do I pay VAT when buying a stairlift? 

No - there will be no VAT to pay on the purchase or installation of your stairlift. 

This is because products designed for and used by disabled people are zero-rated for VAT. For more information, see HMRC's Notice 701/7 VAT Reliefs for disabled and older people [Link]