Stairlifts - consumer tips

Compare stairlift costs and service

  •    Think about costs and the service offered.
  •    Take into account the after-sales service offered and the length of guarantee, as well as what the lift itself is worth.
  •    Some companies will provide a firm quote - you either take it or leave it.
  •    Others may be open to negotiation. It may help you to get a better price if you tell the company that you're getting quotes from more than one firm.

Think very carefully about accepting a 'special offer'

You may find that a company can offer you a discount or a cheap deal on a particular model.

Usually, you have to sign up quickly to get this discount. You may be told that a 'cancelled' order means that a lift has suddenly become available that just happens to fit your home and can be offered to you at a reduced cost.

While you will get the lift for the price promised, the lift may not be the one that suits you best. Consider carefully if it would be a good choice for you. The British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) Code of Practice, originally devised with the Office of Fair Trading, bans its members from price dropping and other pressurised selling techniques.

Consumer advice

    Be prepared with information provided to help older consumers deal with high-pressure sales tactics on the doorstep.

See Citizens Advice consumer information and choose a category.

Or go to If you were misled or pressured into buying something you didn’t want for more information on how to protect yourself.