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We have created some quick searches to help you find the car that best suits your needs. 


Cars with no boot sill 

  • Boot sill height = 0cm

Cars with no boot sill and a wide and high boot opening  

  • Boot opening over 1m at widest point and the vertical height of the boot over 1m


Lots of legroom and headroom when getting in 

  • Cars with over 1m of legroom and over 75cm of headroom (measured from seat edge to top of door)

High seats 

  • Cars with seats that are over 80cm from the highest point of the seat edge to the ground. Seat height entry is measured once at the highest and once at the lowest seat position. The seat is moved to the middle of its adjustable position and measured.


We use a wheelchair of total length of 1200mm, total width of 700mm, sitting height (from ground to top of head) of 1350mm and height of footrest above floor of 150mm

Hatchbacks that will take an unfolded wheelchair with back seats upright

Seven-seat cars that take a wheelchair without having to fold the seats

Type of car

All MPVs

All hatchbacks


Read in detail about how we measure vehicles