Give us a call - new RIDC Infoline

A blind woman using a tablet and headphones
1 Sep 2019

As everything goes online, we often forget that not everyone has access to the internet or can find online content hard to read. For those people the internet is just another barrier. 

We are as guilty of that as anyone (and yes the irony of this web article isn't lost on us) so we are trying out some new ways to make our content more accessible.

As a first step we have launched an interactive telephone information line called the RiDC Infoline, ring 0330 223 53 55.

Our Infoline offers:

  • information read out clearly giving you access to highlights from RiDC's website as well as our monthly newsletter.
  • a chance to leave a message after you've listened - please tell us what you think
  • our latest research on which washing machines and heating controls are the most accessible for blind, partially sighted and older people.

The RiDC Infoline:

  • costs the usual landline phone rate (many phone packages include 03 numbers free)
  • lets you move through the audio by using your phone keypad
  • allows you to easily leave a phone message to give your views

Call 0330 223 53 55 to listen to the RiDC Infoline.

There is an opportunity at the end of the call to let us know what you think of it.