Joining the panel

Image shows two panel members sitting down talking. The woman holds a tablet device and a cup of tea

RiDC exists to connect the experience of disabled and older people to those who make and run things.

We do this by undertaking research in the form of surveys, product testing, user testing and mystery shopping of services.

For this we call on our consumer panel of older and disabled people who share their thoughts and experiences with us, mostly for free but sometimes in return for a payment or voucher. We then give their feedback to the business and organisations that have commissioned us and they make the changes or design their product or service to be more accessible.

To become a member of our panel you can sign up online or on the phone - using the link and number below.

Anyone who identifies as being disabled (including those living with any type of physical or mental health conditions) or an older person who feels disabled by society, is eligible to join.

It’s free to sign up and many find it a rewarding and interesting experience. We let you know what your feedback has meant and, where we can, the tangible changes that have been made as a result. Once signed up you can pick and choose the opportunities you take part in and there is no obligation or need to share any identifying personal or bank details whatsoever.

Panel member, Masuma says:

"What I like about being on the RiDC panel is the idea that I can make a difference. Having the voice heard of disabled users, as a consumer or customer, in whatever shape or form. It’s something that I actually enjoy and I find it quite rewarding. Knowing that I have an input - telling an organisation how to be improved for example. It’s a positive experience. You get to offer the solution."

Join the RiDC panel online here

What’s it like?

Members find it interesting and gain a great deal from having their say and making their views and experiences count.

Here are some of the things panel members say they find most rewarding about carrying out research with us:

  • knowing that my knowledge and experiences really count
  • knowing that I'm making a difference
  • helping other disabled and older people
  • gaining entry into prize draws when taking surveys
  • doing mystery shopping, which is often interesting and relevant to me
  • having fun and meeting new people at workshops
  • getting paid to do research

See what our panel members say about joining in with research

Watch our YouTube video, where panel members talk about being members of the consumer panel.

I want to actively make a difference in improving products and services for everyone 

RiDC panel member

How it works

When you sign up, we'll ask a number of questions that allow us to match you to the most appropriate research opportunities. It takes between 15 and 20 minutes to complete. All your personal information is strictly confidential.

We pay our consumer panel members for their knowledge and experience and as a thank you. We are a charity, so it’s not a high rate but an acknowledgement that the research is important and we believe it can make a difference to people's day-to-day lives by improving products and services.

Because the research is on an 'as-and-when-needed basis', this is not a way of making a living.

How do I sign up?

Join the RiDC panel online here

If you don't want to join online, then you can join over the phone. Call us on 020 7427 2460 and we can set you up with a time to go through the details, or email us and we will phone you back at a convenient time to suit.

  • If you are using a JAWS screen reader you may have some difficulties accessing the sign-up form. We are aware of this and are trying to resolve it. Give us a ring and we'll sign you up over the phone. 
  • Any problems or comments then give us a call on 020 7427 2460  or email us.

Please read the RiDC consumer panel agreement. The agreement sets out what you can expect and what we expect from you when you join.

Any questions?

Email us at [email protected]  or ring RiDC on 020 7427 2460