Meet Becca

Becca wears a silky red dress and holds a boquet of flowers sitting down smiling

Becca is in her thirties and lives in Suffolk.

She lives with cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair full time.

In Suffolk, she runs monthly 'Progression Sessions' for disabled people locally, where people can find support if they are coming up against negative attitudes and access issues.

She also enjoys horse riding, amateur dramatics with her local theatre group and volunteering with various community groups.

She says:

I have been a member of the RIDC panel since 2021. After scrolling through Twitter one day, I found the organisation matched my passion for getting the voices of disabled people heard and making positive change.

We do this through online surveys and assessing products at home, and I enjoy the freedom to choose which projects to participate in. For example, I tested a smaller box prototype for a well-known cereal brand last year. As someone who has struggled to pour my breakfast without making a mess for as long as I can remember, this experience was fun and enlightening!

This type of research is vital because it allows disabled people to share their experiences of good and poor accessibility. It's through mistakes we learn and improve things!

I look forward to testing more products soon.