Usability testing

10 Aug 2019

Usability testing is a great way to evaluate how real-life consumer actually use a product or service. RiDC has 50+ years’ experience of usability testing with real consumers.

We will:

  • evaluate both existing and prototype products and services.
  • test in the home, laboratory or wider environment.
  • build test-rigs to trial different designs
  • test to ISO Standard Packaging Accessible Design - Ease of Opening (BS ISO 17480 : 2015)
  • test SMART products, including accessibility testing of digital interfaces.

Recent RiDC usability testing has included

  • HS2 - rig-based usability testing of the train carriage / platform interface for passengers with mobility needs including using wheelchairs.
  • Marks and Spencer grocery packaging
  • Hive Active Heating SMART heating controls

Our resources include

  • 1600+ person consumer panel across the range of disabilities and age
  • Partnership with Intertek lab at Milton Keynes providing extensive facilities for observed trials and filming.