RiDC Research Exchange 2019

Picture of delgates at the RiDC Research Exchange.
26 Oct 2019

Over 30 businesses joined us at this year's Research Exchange to hear how RiDC's research is making products and services accessible and inclusive for all.

Delegates from a wide range of sectors heard presentations from Hannah Hall (Skipton Building Society) and Ben Parry (Arriva London Buses). Each gave their insights into the journey they have been on with RiDC and how they made their services more accessible and responsive to the needs of older and disabled consumers. 

At the heart of all our research is RiDC's consumer panel and we heard from Chris and Geetha about their experiences of working with Skipton on their new Savings App. Ben was joined by John and Hazel, who gave their insights into the challenges of travelling by bus. 

You can download Hannah's and Ben's presentations below.

Hannah Hall (Customer Empathy Manager, Skipton Building Society) Creating a society where no one is left behind

Download Hannah's presentation 

Ben Parry (Head of Driver Recruitment and Training, Arriva London) Please move down the bus!

Download Ben's presentation

The quote of the day came from a colleague of Hannah's when they were reflecting on the findings from the RiDC's research:

“Without this research, us trying to improve the experience is just a theory… ”

Beyond The Envelope.

We wrapped up the event with a number of workshops that focused on what businesses, government and charities are doing well in terms of research to make products and services more accessible and inclusive. The groups also looked at the challenges of making this happen and getting buy in from senior leaders. 

If you want to find out more about how we can help your business listen and respond to the needs of older and disabled consumers please get in touch.

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