Roaming concierge

"In Westfield they used to have this thing called the roaming concierge."

"You could go to the front desk, and they would get someone to take you to the shop. For a short visit they would wait with you or if it was a longer visit, you rang the security people again and they picked you up.

Now, this service is still not running.

So when I got there, I basically had to fend for myself. I knew the shop I needed was on the right-hand side about halfway down. So I went roughly the right kind of distance, but I had to ask in three or four shops. 

I really hope this isn't an excuse to remove the service. It was something that they brought in at Westfield to do it in all the country as far as I know. And I hope that they aren’t now going to use this as an excuse to get rid of it forever." 

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